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Our Offerings

Below are some of the many offerings for students at PS 161. Aside from academic rigor, we have a diverse amount of activities to engage and inspire the minds of our scholars. 

Painting Eggs

The Arts

Students of all ages get to tap into their creative sides with the various art programs at the school. Whether they're creating self-portraits, drawing a landscape or taking part of our yearly play, we push students to bring out their inner artist and express themselves. 


At 161 we have a sports teams that play against schools from around the city. 

Girls in a Sports Practice
Middle School Class


Academic rigor is an important daily aspect in the lives of our scholars. We ensure that students are challenged and are able to gain a proper understanding of academic content. Aside from the hard work students engage in within the classrooms during school hours, we also have several after school programs that add to the continued academic support. 

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